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Best Christmas Movies of All Time


Heart-warming holiday films to stream this Christmas

It’s a cold evening in December. You’ve got a cup of hot chocolate, a plate full of cookies and a blank QLED TV ready to go. All you need now is the perfect Christmas movie to bring it all together. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered, with a list of the best Christmas movies to ever grace the silver screen – so sit back, relax and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Following the story of Dr. Seuss’s original green humbug, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the perfect Christmas movie for kids and adults alike. Between the quirky Christmas magic of Whoville and the gravelly voice of the Grinch shouting insults in Cindy LouWho’s face, it captures every feeling (both nice and naughty) that Christmas and the holiday season represent. It certainly makes our smile grow three sizes every time we watch it.

Review | How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 15th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray) | Blu-ray Authority


Home Alone

Inside every kid born from 1980 to now, there is a Kevin McCallister waiting to get out. Thankfully, we have Home Alone to scratch that itch once a year, and revisiting Kevin’s pranks has become a true Christmas pastime in its own right. It may not have Santa Clause or any of his reindeer, but Home Alone perfectly captures that feeling of childish joy and excitement that Christmas has come to represent. Available to stream now on Disney+.




Childish, silly, and over-the-top funny from open to close, Buddy the Elf has become synonymous with Christmas spirit, naively searching for family, love and the spirit of Christmas in an all too indifferent New York City. Everyone has their favourite scene, whether it’s the time he tries to hug a rabid racoon, when he douses spaghetti in maple syrup, or when he fights a department store Santa Clause for not being real.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

It’s hard to think of a film that more perfectly illustrates the pleasures (and pains) of having your family stay for the holidays than Christmas Vacation. From a curious cat who wound up electrocuted by a Christmas tree to a case of light kidnapping, it will keep you in stitches from start to finish, and is endlessly quotable. As cousin Eddie would say, “that’s just a real nice surprise, Clark.”


Love Actually

A Christmas rom-com that somehow avoids all the pitfalls of both Christmas movies and rom-coms, Love Actually is as funny as it is genuinely sweet. Everyone has their favourite storyline, whether it’s the hilarity of a failing rock-star releasing his latest Christmas single (Christmas is all around us), or the awkwardness of a prime minister making out in the backstage of a school play, there is definitely something for everybody.



The Santa Clause

If the first person who pops into your head when you hear Santa Claus is Tim Allen, you are not alone. This 1994 Christmas classic cemented its version of jolly ol’ St. Nick in the heads of millions of kids as the one and only Santa, and his signature mix of dad-humour and childish whimsy keeps you laughing throughout. Available to stream on Disney+, it’s the perfect dose of cheesy Santa goodness on a cold winter’s day, and will make you think twice the next time you read a contract clause.



Die Hard

Not a Christmas movie so much as a Christmas ritual, the hard-hitting action of Die Hard is the perfect complement to offset the sweetness and sentimentality of every other movie on this list. After all, who doesn’t like watching John McClane take out a dozen bad guys without any shoes on? This is probably one to watch after the kids have gone to bed.


Carol (2015)

Carol looks just as beautiful as a shiny new piece of jewellery. Writers Phyllis Nagy and Todd Haynes adapt Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel “The Price of Salt” to the movie. The visual approach places the viewer in Therese Belivet, the young department shop employee playing Rooney Mara who falls under Carol. Like all great romantic films, it is a story about obsession—and a combination of meticulous period details, stupendous costumes and perhaps doomed romance is an ideal viewing beside a burning fireplace. Keep your distance from this flame if possible.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQT2kpAMnb8j aMt1ZRsGToaGaqgLDKKDXIzA&usqp=CAU


The night before (2015)

Seth’s formula is simplified so you can easily guess what to expect from a holiday movie from the actor: joke about smoking tobacco, and even general comedy about the character struggling to accept adult responsibilities. Almost everything works out. What is amazing about The Night Before, which also features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie for Rogen’s childhood buddies who reunite each year for wild drugs-fuelled holiday festivities, is that the film’s four credited writers manage to give the gag a good feel. It has an ironic and nostalgic heart.



Happy season (2020)

As of now, LGBTQIA holiday film has been largely absent, so Veep stars Clare DuVall are delighted that their new movie is gaining an overwhelming streaming audience on Hulu and Netflix. The film is often extremely humorous, giving off warm and glittering holiday feeling while also retaining an arduous bite. Kristen Stewart plays a young woman Abby wildly engaged to Harper Davis. Despite Harper’s invitation to come back to Harpers family, Harper says she hasn’t been contacted yet by her mother.



Just Friends (2005)

It is characterized as an oddly revealing artifact from mid-century radio. Ryan Reynolds has adapted to the role of Chris Brander, a teen outcast who reinvents himself into a man who resembles Ryan Reynolds as a teenager. Amy Smart portrays Branders best friend and teen love who is obsessed with winning. He’s home during the holidays. Thankfully Chris Klein can take part in the supporting role. This is a movie full of horror euphoria and nostalgia like reading an Abercrombie catalog.



Last Christmas

Amazon iMac We sat here in December… 2 Christmases ago now. The Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding romcom from Paul Fieg was criticised in 2019, but the truth is the film provides a lot more than critics thought. Even though the story ended poorly for everyone, let’s focus on the best part. How can a good relationship between the two lead actors and the irrationality and ingenuity of the East European character Emma Thompson help? Please join this rotation.

Best Christmas movies Last Christmas - giftstorebox
Last Christmas – giftstorebox


Eyes closed (1999)

If this was the list of the most interesting psychosex odyssey films, it would surely top it. But this is a Christmas movie list, and while we accept that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Eyes Wide Shut was, actually, a Christmas movie — check out the Christmas trees that the film’s notoriously meticulous director Stanley Kubrick placed around the movie. Nevertheless, the last moment in marriage reconciliation happens during a light-filled shopping trip.

Best Christmas Movies- Eyes Closed - giftstorebox.com
Best Christmas Movies- Eyes Closed – giftstorebox.com


Tangerine (2015)

The two protagonists of Tangerine—Sine-Dee Rella (Katana Kiki Rodriguez)and Alexandra (Mya Taylor)—have the sort of kinetic, exhilarating, and sometimes lurid, sexy, advant This is a Christmas event—just sour cream for me. Christmas is about friendships that serve the same function as families and director Sean Baker’s stylistic whirlwind of a film is a braced study of how the bonds between people survive emotional distress, violence and reconciliation.

Best Christmas Movies - Tangerine- Giftstorebox.com
Best Christmas Movies – Tangerine- Giftstorebox.com



Christmas Evil (1980)

This patiently evocative story of a toy factory employee unravels during Christmas and is likely the favourite of cult film legend John Waters. Mixing surreal humor and slasher- film tropes together with some beautiful cinematographic work by Louis Malle collaborator Ricardo Aronovich the film contains lofty themes but doesn’t feel weighed down. It should be fun, confusing and difficult. Where can one view it streaming via Hulu, Netflix, or Shudder?

Best Christmas movies- Christmas Evil - giftstorrebox
Best Christmas movies- Christmas Evil – giftstorrebox


Almost Christmas (2016)

Few holidays actually convey the chaotic atmosphere of home in the arms of family members in their hands. Almost Christmas is an ensemble dramedy by writer-director David E. Talbert but it understands that families bicker, tease and eventually gather in the holidays. Danny Glover provides the film with a melancholy feel which gives scene-stealers as Mo ‘Nique Romainy Malco and James B. J. Where can we see this?

Best Christmas Movies - Almost Christmas - giftstorebox.com
Best Christmas Movies – Almost Christmas – giftstorebox.com


The Preacher’s Wife (1996)

Denzel Washington may not be known for his comedy films, but his acclaimed Hollywood career includes a series of bullety action movies and tough-minded dramas. The arrival of an angel named Dudley into New York will spark a glittering marriage by the Whitney Houston singer with Courtney B. Vance’s pastor. It may look a bit hokey, but the performances give it a holy glow. DJs: Where should I view the video?

The Preacher's Wife- giftstorebox.com - Best Christmas Movies
The Preacher’s Wife- giftstorebox.com – Best Christmas Movies


Krampus (2015)

Horror movies are already quite dangerous. What are Christmas movies like? It is your job to get something. Check out most movies on my holiday horror list. But somehow Krampus is one folk tale-based horror film from the filmmaker Michael Dougherty (Trick or Treat). The film with scenes in which sinister gingerbread men kill David Koechner in the leg deserves a lot of praise. The show is available on Hulu.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVbwigTAnqTsa93RsNdlWgZu nRlHETpNPTA&usqp=CAU



A Christmas Prince

Netflix’s Christmas Prince is one of the first Netflix ventures into the holiday genre which appears to be full of rubbish. But if you can’t call every twist and turn, you’ll find that A Christmas Prince was the perfect Christmas film. There is no plan—there is just a Christmas spirit bottled within this very loose story where a journalist and rogue prince meet a nation that has nothing to do with reality.

Best Christmas movies - A Christmas Prince
Best Christmas movies – A Christmas Prince


A Christmas Carol (2009)

The animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic series was directed and produced by Robert Zampeckis. It was inspired by motion-capture technology and starred animator Jim Carrey. The twist transforms this longtime tale into an incredibly mystical journey of time — which is perhaps just a figment of Scrooge’s imagination — and confirms the old businessman’s gut instinct to find out about his ghost.

Best Christmas Movies - A Christmast Carol
Best Christmas Movies – A Christmast Carol


Jack Frost

Microsoft Windows. Yes Michael Keaton gets to see Christmas movies too. He plays a guy called Jack Frost who is a bitter and old rock star and finds a tragic ending on Christmas. One month earlier, he played an old harmonica tune and brought his daughter back into the spirit—like a snowman. Bad effects can sometimes cause more horror than heartwarming holiday movies but hey, here’s what’s going on..]



Jingle All the Way (1996)

Jingle All the Way is a cynical product for kids. Howard Schwartzegger is working as a workaholic and has to give his son Jamie (Joe Lloyd) a Turboman Barbie because Christmas is about to get a bust. It then spiralled to the end, turning parental worries and consumer needs for children into madcap action-comedies with occasionally wicked humor. “I don’t believe that people can be perverted.

Best Christma Movies - Jingle all the way
Best Christma Movies – Jingle all the way


Anna and the Apocalypse

Amazon It is our responsibility to check and protect Christmas films (scroll down and see Die Hard exactly where it should go) but Anna and the Apocalypses add some bizarre twists to it. Near Christmas time, Annas neighborhood experiences the most devastating zombie apocalypse. And worst of all, the girls face it all in music. It’ s absolutely impossible that this can be done.



Ernest saves Christmas (1988)

What could be dangerous for Ernest P. Worrell if he put his fingers in the socket of a power outlet? This compulsory Christmas adventure takes Ernest and his friend Claus in search of an impressive gift-giving knapsack. Part Miracles on 33rd Street, part Dumb and Dumbe. Ernest’s naivety has made him a perfect man for holiday. Where can you view this film?



Last holiday

Amazon Apple King Latifah dies from terminal cancer, whose condition was wrongly detected on the MRI device. The result is a woman with a long history in the security business bringing her savings to a European holiday and a passion for cuisine. Why do people spend all their money to treat terminal illnesses? You must be watching.

Last Holiday - Best Christmas Movies
Last Holiday – Best Christmas Movies


White Reindeer

Just before Christmas, her life turns upsidedown when her husband Jeff suddenly dies. It gets even worse when she learns she had a sexual relationship with a stripper, who then meets an unlikely acquaintance of hers. This indie film has the potential to be an interesting romantic comedy, but it’s better for that, too.

Best Christmas Movies - The White Reindeer


The Snowman

A perfect length if you want to watch after lunch but before you’re ready, Snowman is a charming animated story about an adventurous young boy who has had a short time to enjoy his snowy creation. Although it is based on Raymond Briggs’s same-name children’s book, it is a tense story with impermanence and innocence.

The Snow Man - Best Christmas Movies


One Magic Christmas

Amazon. Apple. Until Netflix, the largely forgotten 1985 Disney release, where the Harry Dean Stanton starred as an angel and watches a struggling family. This novel has an uncommon mixing of grit and sentiments borrowing heavily from It’s a Wonderful Life and contains shades of Groundhog Day.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTGOvHpgw7LpT5gs1ekp fjr6dP1ZJ9XTDLng&usqp=CAU


Office Christmas Party

Amazon. Apple. Tj.J. Miller and Jennifer Aniston play feuding siblings with differing views of the ways in which they run their business. Clay Miller throws an office party for an office christmas party that ends with the demise of everything that could ruin their business too.

Office Christmas Party - Best Christmas Movies


Santa Claus is coming to town

YouTube: A classic stopmotion Rankin-Bass film, Christmas is Coming to the Village tells the offbeat background of Kringle, voiced by Mickey Rooney. This postman-narrative was written and spoken about by Fred Astaire. It’s metaphoric star.



Happy Christmas

Amazon’s Apple Christmas gets the Mugcore treatment with Joe Swanberg’s indie feature whose flighty young Jenny (Anna Kenneth) descends into her husband’s idyllic, grown-up life, creating one of her own fissures.

Happy Christmas - Best Christmas Movies


The holidays

Amazon. Nancy Meyer is King of Cosy. This romantic drama set around Christmas is her warmest romantic film. Two women— one in London and one in LA (Cameron Diaz).

Best Christmas Movies - The Holiday



See Christmas like never before

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