Do Babies Have Teeth When They Are Born?

Do Babies Have Teeth When They Are Born?

New parents often wonder – do babies have teeth right when they are born? The short answer is no, babies are not typically born with teeth. However, in rare cases, a baby may be born with one or more teeth present.

Teeth that are present at birth are called natal teeth or neonatal teeth. While not very common, natal teeth occur in about 1 in every 2,000 to 3,000 births. These teeth are usually located on the lower gum and may be poorly attached to the gums.

So what causes some babies to be born with teeth? Natal teeth are often inherited and run in families. Babies born with cleft lip or palate may also have an increased chance of being born with teeth. However, in most cases the cause is unknown.

If your newborn is born with teeth, don’t panic. But do consult your paediatrician, as natal teeth can pose some risks like:

  • The baby’s tongue may be injured from the teeth during breastfeeding
  • The teeth may become loose and be aspirated or swallowed by the baby

Your paediatrician will be able to assess your baby’s natal teeth and may recommend extraction if the teeth seem loose. They can also provide guidance on feeding and preventing injuries.

While natal teeth are fairly uncommon, they are considered a variation of normal development. If your baby is born with teeth, take comfort in knowing they will eventually lose these teeth as their baby teeth come in. With proper care and your paediatrician’s guidance, neonatal teeth are a temporary phenomenon that will soon pass.

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