Classic and Unique Girl Names Starting with E

Girl Names Starting with E

The letter E is associated with names that evoke elegance, excitement and empathy. E names for girls have been popular for decades, with classic options like Emma, Evelyn and Elizabeth always ranking highly on baby name charts. But there are also more exotic and uncommon E names, like Elowen, Esmée and Eilidh, that are attracting modern parents looking for a special name for their daughter.

Popular E Names for Girls

Emma – Of German origin meaning “universal”, Emma has been the #1 girl’s name in the US for the past five years and is also popular worldwide.

Evelyn – From a French surname possibly meaning “desired”, Evelyn is a feminine and lively name rapidly rising in popularity.

Elizabeth – A classic name meaning “pledged to God”, Elizabeth has dozens of cute nicknames like Liz, Beth, Ellie and Eliza.

Emily – An English name with French roots, Emily is a romantic literary name meaning “rival”.

Ella – Simple yet beautiful, Ella is a Hebrew name meaning “young girl” and associated with fairy tale heroines.

Unique E Names for Girls

Elowen – A Cornish name meaning “elm”, Elowen has an exotic yet melodic sound.

Esmée – The French form of Esme, meaning “esteemed”, Esmée is both sophisticated and playful.

Eden – Of Hebrew origin meaning “delight”, Eden is an earthy nature name that calls to mind the biblical Garden of Eden.

Eilidh (AY-lee) – The Scottish form of Helen, Eilidh has an uplifting brightness.

Elspeth – An adorable Scottish variant of Elizabeth which lends itself to nicknames like Elsie and Ellie.

The letter E is a wonderful starting point for a baby girl’s name, with endless options ranging from the familiar to the truly unique. Whether you seek something popular or uncommon, an E name is sure to be a great fit for your little one.

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Here are 20 more girl names starting with E:

  1. Edith – Of English origin meaning “prosperous in war”
  2. Elodie – French name meaning “foreign riches”
  3. Elora – Variant of the Greek name Elora meaning “light”
  4. Elsie – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise”
  5. Ember – An English word name referring to a glowing coal
  6. Emerson – English surname meaning “son of Emery”
  7. Emmeline – German name meaning “work”
  8. Ensley – English place name meaning “meadow with herbs”
  9. Estele – French form of Estella, meaning “star”
  10. Estelle – From French, meaning “star”
  11. Esther – Persian name meaning “star”
  12. Eternity – Virtue name referring to infinite time
  13. Eudora – Greek name meaning “generous gift”
  14. Eulalia – Greek name meaning “well spoken”
  15. Evangeline – Greek name meaning “good news”
  16. Ever – English word name meaning “always”
  17. Evie – Diminutive of Eve, meaning “life”
  18. Eloise – French name meaning “healthy; wide”
  19. Erin – Irish name meaning “peace”
  20. Emberly – English name meaning “ember meadow”


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