How To Keep Baby Warm At Night

How to keep baby warm at night


If you’re worried about your baby getting cold at night, there are some simple things you can do to keep them warm. Here are three tips for keeping your baby warm during sleep.

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Dress baby in layers for sleep.

Use a sleepsack or wearable blanket over pajamas

A sleepsack is a sleeveless garment that zips up the front and often has legs, similar to a one-piece footed pajama. Wearable blankets are smaller and typically only cover the top half of baby’s body. They’re fastened with Velcro or buttons at the shoulders.

Why use a sleep sack or wearable blanket? Sleeping in a loose bag or blanket increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But babies need to be warm enough to avoid hypothermia, which can also be deadly. The best way to strike a balance is to dress baby in layers.

How many layers should baby wear? That depends on the temperature of the room and whether you’re using a fan or space heater. A general rule of thumb is one more layer than you would wear for comfortable sleep. So if you usually sleep in a tank top and shorts, your baby should wear pajamas and a sleep sack or wearable blanket. If you wear long pants and a sweatshirt to bed, your baby should wear footie pajamas and a sleep sack or wearable blanket.

What type of fabric should the sleep sack or wearable blanket be made from? Wool, cotton, and fleece are all good choices. Avoid fabrics that might irritate your baby’s skin, like polyester, nylon, and acrylic.

Use a blanket sleeper or footie pajamas

A blanket sleeper is basically footie pajamas with snaps or zipper running down the front instead of buttons. They typically have built-in mittens and socks to keep hands and feet warm all night long. They come in lots of different fun designs, including animals, characters from TV shows and movies, and even licensed sports team gear! Footie pajamas are also an option for keeping baby warm at night. These one-piece PJs have snaps or buttons running down the front and often have built-in mittens to keep little hands warm all night long. Like blanket sleepers, they come in lots of different fun designs too!

Use a sleep sack with a built-in blanket

A sleep sack with a built-in blanket is a great option for keeping baby warm at night. The sleep sack covers baby from head to toe and has a built-in blanket that can be tucked around baby’s feet or pulled up over baby’s shoulders. This type of sleep sack is especially helpful if you’re using a fan or space heater in the nursery, as it will help keep baby’s temperature regulated.

Keep the nursery warm.

Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature

The ideal room temperature for a baby’s nursery is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If your home is particularly cold, you may need to set the thermostat higher to make sure the room stays warm enough.

Use a space heater if needed

If your home is particularly drafty or you live in a colder climate, you may want to use a space heater in the nursery to keep the room warm. Be sure to keep the space heater away from any flammable materials, such as curtains or blankets, and never leave it unattended while it’s on.

Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air

Dry air can be irritating to a baby’s skin and respiratory system. Using a humidifier in the nursery will help add moisture back into the air, making it more comfortable for your baby.

Give baby a warm bath before bed.

Use warm, not hot, water

Hot water can cause burns, so it’s important to use only warm water when bathing your baby. You can test the temperature of the water with your hand before adding your baby to the bath.

Add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath

Adding a few drops of lavender oil to the bath can help relax and calm your baby before bedtime. You can add the oil directly to the bathwater or use a diffuser.

Gently massage baby with a warm towel after the bath

After the bath, gently massage your baby with a warm towel. This will help soothe and relax them before bedtime.


The best way to keep baby warm at night is to dress them in layers, keep the nursery warm, and give them a warm bath before bed. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your baby stays comfortable and safe all night long.


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